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everybody was kung-foo fightin'

Today, Autumn pierced my flesh. Slapped me in the face and awoke my lazy heart. Lazy blood, lazy thoughts. Memories came flooding back - of last Autumn. Vancouver, ferries, roadtrips, you. Gosh, I had almost forgotten how much fun we had. I felt like we were invincible. It felt like it was you and me against the world. *smiles* Wow.. loving you felt so good. I'm thankful for that, really, I am. If it felt that good to be loved by you, it's going to feel ten times better to be loved by the next person - I hope. And that's something to be thankful for. The ability to love. I have so much room in my heart for someone. I'm the double-wide of luvin' babycakes, you better believe it.

Another content day. I want to invent the drug "serenity." That all-over "hey how's it going, I'm feelin' good." feeling.

And I learned how to golf today :) I love learning new things. I had a blast! I didn't even know that I had my own clubs in the basement. They're now in my trunk so I can go to the driving range a couple times this week. woo-hoo.

content. hot chocolate in a big ass mug whilst reading a book on the couch watching the stormy august clouds roll by content. I hope you're content, too.

Todd sent me an icq message around 6:00 om tonight. It read:

Hey, have you moved out yet? Just wanted to make sure cause I wanna drop something off for you. So should I drop it off at your edgemont place ER no?

This strikes me as a little unusual. First off, cause he lives with my brother so he should know where I'm living. Second, why doesn't he just come right out and TELL me what he wants to drop off. Don't normal people say "Hey, you left your(insert object) here, can I get it to you sometime?" I just don't get the whole runaround tactic. Maybe I'm being too leary. I'm sure it's something retarded like a CD or a book or something I left at the house, you know, something trite. But why doesn't he just come out and say what he's got? My best guess is that he wants me to do exactly this - ponder over it and think about it. I replied to the message with "what is it you want to drop off?" I dunno, maybe I'm being over-reactive. But I'm doing pretty good these days and I don't really need anything from that part of my past to bite my ass right now. I'm sure his intentions are good and I'm over-analysing the entire thing. I'm just so.. ugh - scared.

Off to do a lyrics search for my mood a la moment.

And Matthew - if you're reading this you should have called me by now, wankmeat :) Don't make me whip out my extreme kung-foo action on you. sidenote: I heard this song on CJSW today called "My girl does kung-foo!

7:40 PM - August 26, 2000


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