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Yes, it is late, or early - whatever way you like to look at it. Had another superb night. Went and picked up T and C around midnight. They were trippin' on shrooms and wanted to get out to a club. So out we went. Took them to Ming, my favourite club down on 17th. Very cool atmosphere, very laid back, very red, very dim. I was a good girl after my battle with booze last night. Drank a coke, a glass of red wine (Zonnenbloem) and another coke. Introduced T to their fucking amaaaazing ceasar's. I think I've formed a new addict. See, Ming doesn't make ceasars with tabasco and worchester like most places. They use horseradish, and they garnish with a pickled asparagus. Heavenly drink. The highlight of the night was listening to the very strange, tripped up conversations T and C were having. I just sat and laughed and enjoyed their company.

There was this big jock-like guy sitting below us. He had on a baby blue football jersey with the number 27 on the front. Maybe a Miami Dolphins fan? I dunno. But he was at least 5'9" and at LEAST 180-200 lbs.. big dude, broad shoulders. Anyway, of all drinks a man like this could have in his hand, he's drinking some crazy light blue concoction with 3 plump cranberries bobbing around on the top. Baby blue drink to match the jersey. How cute. The kicker is how he's holding the glass. Less of a hold, more of a clench or grasp. It's a martini glass, you know the kind you HAVE to hold like a wussy socialite? Not this guy, no-sir-ee. He's got his entire hand wrapped around the stem of the glass, white knuckled and going all the way for the killer wrestling martini-glass holdin' competition. I don't know why I'm so observant of other people. They entertain me.

And once again, my fucking peice of shit cell phone decides not to work at the most inopportune time. Scott was supposed to call and come out and meet us for a drink, but of course the cel decided not to ring, and subsequently, I did not hear from my brother. So of course as I'm driving home at 3:30 AM, I check my messages, wondering why he never called, and sure enough, 1:15 AM call from my bro. I feel bad. I'm always preaching about ditching and the bad friend ettiquette that it denotes, and here's me with my crap cellphone not fielding calls from my brother. Bleah. So I left him a message on his cel basically saying how sorry I was. Cause I am.

But I'm super glad T & C called again. I thought for sure after my close encounter with a stomach upheavel in the beamer last night that I was a drunken outcast. Pretty neat how you reconnect with people from high school. Never pictured, not in a million years. I bet they didn't either. I think the common unspoken thought of the past two nights was one of "Holy shit, I can't believe I'm out with this person!" You know when you just never see it coming? But it's cool, reaffirms my belief in fate and destiny and all that crap. (although I'm sure he would argue against me screaming "Chaos, Courtney! Chaos!" oh the days of laughing thru muddled, half-witted debates. They were fun :)

life can only get better from here...

Welcome to my mood swings, on your left, you will notice that I'm on the up-and-up, to your left, you will see the inevitability of the down, down, down. Please fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

... and someone told me that I've done a lot with my life and my carrer tonight, and it made me feel really good. Made me feel like I actually was important in some way. Even if I only manage a Starbucks. So, thanks to you, for saying what even my closest lovers, friends, and family could never dream of doing, when it's their opinion that matters the most. It felt really good, and still does.

And with that, I will go to sleep basking in the afterglow of a wonderful compliment.

4:09 AM - August 26, 2000


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